Kids Birthday Questionnaire and Birthday Photos {Minneapolis Children's Photography}

As you all know, I love taking photos of my daughter. I would probably do a photo shoot with her every day if she would let me!  We’ve agreed to a happy medium of about every few months. :)  Also, every year on her birthday we get out for some quick photos to document how she looks right on that day.  A few years ago I also started doing a Birthday Questionnaire.  Basically it’s a list of the same 20 questions that I ask her every year and we have fun going back and seeing how her answers have changed or stayed the same over the years. (Always has a new favorite book. Still loves cats and turquoise…)  Most years I’ve also videotaped the mini-interview and watching the ones from when she was younger are completely adorable.

I think this would also be a fun tradition to do on the first day of school every year.

Here’s a copy of my birthday questionnaire and a few photos from the twelfth birthday photo shoot!